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As long as there's not ice, I've always enjoyed walking in super cold weather! I have issues with sweat, in that I don't sweat enough to regulate body temperature (and have to be REALLY careful doing stuff outdoors in the summer in AZ), so if I exercise in super cold weather I end up feeling a comfy temperature! In college I always got funny looks when I'd go horsebackriding and it would be 5 degrees, and I was in a t-shirt. I just wore layers, and worked my way down....

This morning was HARD, y'all! Day three of getting up at 4-something AM. I was SO tempted to set my alarm back to 7:30 and drive in to work, but didn't! Instead I called my dogs over, and they both jumped on me all excited, so there was no WAY I could get back to sleep! I'm really glad the last 4/10 of a mile is downhill to the bus stop, though! The walk home tonight won't be fun, because it's more uphill than down...
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