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Originally Posted by Mamacurl3 View Post
Bummer we don't have a Trader Joe's here...yet, that does sound like an excellent deal. I've heard they have good wines too?
Sorry, I thought you were in the Twin Cities for some reason. I love wine but since I live alone, I don't buy it very often, since I can never seem to finish a bottle before it turns. Glad you've seen the Milk Stout around. Definitely check it out!

Originally Posted by 2poodles View Post
wild~hair -- you are NUTS to be walking around outside in weather like that!! Go inside and have a nice hot toddy - none of that cold stout stuff....
haha, but I did have a beer after that, along with some nice hot soup and tamales.

Honestly, I'm colder in my apartment than I am walking around outside. I actually get hot out there, because I've got so many layers on and I'm moving pretty fast. Only my hands and ears get a little nipped, so I just wear extra scarves and put my gloved hands in my pockets.

Originally Posted by NetG View Post
As long as there's not ice, I've always enjoyed walking in super cold weather! I have issues with sweat, in that I don't sweat enough to regulate body temperature (and have to be REALLY careful doing stuff outdoors in the summer in AZ), so if I exercise in super cold weather I end up feeling a comfy temperature!
Yes, and I seem to run hotter than most, and sweat a lot more than most people in my yoga classes. It's kinda gross! I just tell myself I'm working harder and that's why. [Ya right.]

And yet I am the coldest person ever when it comes to being in a chilly building, like my apartment. I always have the heating pad going and extra layers. It makes no sense.

So, yesterday evening I went for a 30-minute walk. I'm doing yoga this afternoon. I switched it up because last night I had a social thing and drank a glass of wine and it's always hard to do yoga after that. But I can always walk.

ETA: 75 minutes of yoga Friday

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