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I bought this a couple of weeks ago along with the Curl Refreshing Spray. I used them together and although I liked how my hair looked it felt like coated and straw-like in the shower the next morning. I co-washed that morning and it still felt gross the next day so I had to low-poo. I'm not sure if I used too much or what went wrong, but I haven't bothered with it since. Maybe it was the spray...has anyone else tried it?
It might be the spray. I received a freebie from when they were having a promotion on it ... I don't like it as much as the curl defining cream. I find it can make my hair feel dry. Try using the cream without the refresher spray and see if you like it better.
Here's hoping !!
You're probably right. I just noticed the spray has Simethicone in it (I haven't heard of that cone before) and didn't catch it on the label when I bought it otherwise I wouldn't have. Aargh...

I will try the cream alone tomorrow and see how it goes!!
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