Other, I call myself modified cg usually but it's similar to the other posters above. I guess what's similar to cg is I don't use the sulfate-containing shampoo more than about once or twice a week. I've also been trying to avoid cyclo -ane (you know the cone) and other non-water soluble cones. I haven't decided yet if these modifications will work for me long term.

What about you, Kurlee?
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I use a sulfate shampoo like once or twice a week right now(on my scalp mostly). Feels good actually. hehe. I missed shampoo... Something about the lather and that nice fresh feeling and smell. My scalp is on the oilier side too though.
I do co washes inbetween. I do avoid the bad cones like the plagues too but use the ones that can be removed easily by milder cleansers.

Use Sapp Moss, One Condition and RedKen Ringlet right now.
And to me this is kinda non CG.

I go between this and modified CG.