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I hated my hair when I was younger. No one knew how to teach me how to take care of it. I love it now. When a stylist suggests that I straighten it, I look at them in horror and say, "Why in the world would I want to do that!? Speaking of stylists, I go to a great person to cut my hair but she doesn't know how to handle it afterwards. She keeps brushing and brushing and messing with it. I can never go anywhere after my appointment with her unless I take a scrunchie with me.
OK, on to rude comments...
Once when I was a kid about 8 or so my mom dropped me of at some mall hair salon to get my hair trimmed before going to summer camp. She told the stylist to just give me a trim. She left to go shopping (back in those days you could leave your kid at the stylist and not worry about kidnapping, etc.) and I told my hairstylist that I wanted a Dorothy Hamil haircut. What was she thinking listening to an 8 yr old!! I had 3b hair to the middle of my back. When my mom showed up a 1/2 hour later and saw me with frizzy fuzz that only reached my ears, we both cried. I can't even begin to list the rude and hurtful comments I received from total strangers at camp. But the most hurtful comment was, "That's why God doesn't want people to mix races (I'm biracial) look what happens to your hair. It's awful!!" I was hurt on so many levels.
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