When I think of truly straight hair, I think of Asians. A small percentage of Caucasians actually have pin straight hair. Most of the white "straighties" you see day to day straighten with a blow dryer and/or flat-iron each morning.

As to why it's considered an ideal, I think it's a major trend, like neckties and high heels. Eventually it will change to something else, but not for a while.
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I think a big factor in determining what is pretty is your location. I feel it's interesting that Asians keep being mentioned, because I'm half-Asian myself with curly hair and fairly light skin. I've gone to the Philippines multiple times and experienced the complete opposite trend-wise. They LOVE white skin, and curly hair, since that is what they do not have themselves.

What's interesting about America though, is that we're such a 'melting pot' of ethnicities, the styles that are 'in' change every year, where in other countries, it's may not change as often, at least it hasn't from my experience in the Philippines.
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