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I've been natural since the summer before my sophmore year of HS, Im now in my 2nd semester of college...and I still get random compliments!!!

I have three all time favorites...the first was when the exchange student from Bosnia remarked in broken english that my hair was sexy, and he thought the flat-ironed girls looked stupid, whereupon his teammate agreed. Second is the random grandmother who told me in the supermarket last week that "oh I just love your hair dear, its so flattering on you!" And the best was when I happened to overhear a crush telling his friend that "yeah, her hair is amazing"

I glow for days after things like this!
light brown, 3B at the crown, with 3A underneath. Beyond baby-fine and cut in a layered bob, which I am trying to grow out.

No matter how hard you try to hide them, your inner curls will always come out. Why not make them look good?
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