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You are a F&*$King loser, you will always be one, I can't wait for the day when your children see you for what you really are. Everywhere you put yourself you create turmoil, your OWN mother, father brother and sister can't stand you too, don't you think there is something wrong with that picture, can it really be everyone else, nah I don't think so IT's YOU.... You make believe you are a concerned parent but you are so transparent you are only for you and you alone.. You bring so much misery to every life you touch. No one thinks you are all that ( take a hard look around and look at the kind of people who you think like you (trash)....You think you are btter than everyone but in reality you are S*&t. I believe in Karma and I can't wait for "what goes around comes around" but "damn" it is just taking to damn long.... Everyone tells me it will happen. I know in the end I will be the last one laughing...
C... Just remember it was you who destoryed his OWN family.... You filthy PIG.....You deserve everything that comes to you.....
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