Hello everyone,

Recently I've noticed that I stopped using my beloved Suave conditioner and switched to Curls Coconut Sublime Conditioner for my conditioner washes. I must say that the results are amazing with the Curls product.

I wanted to know if you've noticed better results when CO washing with cheapie conditioner or higher priced conditioners? Or even if you don't see anything different please share your experience.

Thanks again everyone.
*Natural 3C/TWA*
Wash: BS/ACV, KC Come Clean, Herb N' Life Royal Rinse
AIA Coconut Co-Wash, Organix Sea Minerals
Pre-Poo: Oils & Honey Mix
DC: Mixed Chicks, SM Manuka Honey Masque

PT: Super Mayo Deep Conditioning Treatment , Joico K-pak
AVG, LaBella Lots of Curls
Moisturizer: Oyin Whipped Pudding
Leave-In: KCKT