I just bought some Suave Naturals coconut yesterday because of all the good reviews- it was 87 cents!! Tried it this morning as a co-wash. I'm still on the fence about it. My scalp does feel itchy and there's some buildup, but I don't know if it came from that cuz I also used a new conditioner (Burts Bees DC) and used Mop-C for the first time. Guess I'll keep trying!
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The build-up could be from the Burt's Bees. When I use that I have to rinse it out very well or else I end up with bad build up.

I've been using the "birthday present" Aveda condish for my cowashes and as a leave-in under gel with awesome results. But I know when that runs out I'll have to find a cheaper alternative. I think Suave is at the top of my list to try.