I actually bought a tube of this about 2 weeks ago and have been using it off and on.

My hair is just barely to my shoulders, baby fine 3a/b (was thinned like crazy from a bad stylist, but at the roots is growing in really thick and curly), color treated as well. I have been using it over top of L'Oreal Out Of Bed Texturizer.

I was using FX gel before, and then switched to this. I find the hold is great and it really makes my curls more defined when combined with the LOOB (I tried the gel on its own, and it does not work alone for me). One great thing is that I get zero frizz (not sure if the gel has anything to do with it).

I usually use about a quarter size puddle and rake it through my hair and then scrunch it in after the LOOB.

I also like the smell a lot, so for me it's a hit.