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Originally Posted by curltopia
Originally Posted by Amneris

A gloss is another option. I love it - what do you want to know?
Well, I'd like to know which brands are good in terms of giving shine, being gentle and long-lasting. Also, have you ever tried tinted gloss? Will it cover gray hair? (I am 30% or less gray) Also, is application pretty similar to regular home hair color? How long does it last overall? What condition does it leave the hair in after? Any effect on curl pattern?
I like the Aveda brand. I have had tinted gloss in my own shade and I don't have that many greys yet, but it did cover the few I have, but not for very long. I've never attempted home hair colour - I get everything done in the salon, it's safer that way - but basically yeah, they put it in a squeeze bottle and apply, wrap the head in plastic etc. For me, it lasts a long time (way more than the 8-12 washes or whatever they say) but it leaves my hair feeling in better condition - really soft, less noticeability of split ends, shiny, less frizz, more weight - and it loosens the curl a bit, especially at the root, which means longer, more "hanging" hair.
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