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Kathy, do you use Round Trip without a leave in?

I just clarified and then deep conditioned my hair. I'm sure I could have some kind of build up since I haven't clarified in a while. I'd love to make this product work!

I think I used about five pumps-my hair is a little longer than shoulder length. Is that too much? Not much came out with each pump.

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I always use a leave-in! My crown/canopy is very dry, so I sometimes use two. Current fav is CJ hibiscus banana. I just put this on the crown/canopy. Sometimes watered down Shea M, but I don't love this like the others on the boards do--it's a little heavy. I've been trying the Giovanni and the KCKT. They are not moisturizing enough to use alone. The rest of my hair doesn't need a lot.

My hair is just shoulder length in front--inverted bob. I'm stingy with the product. Probably two full pumps, at most. You may be using too much. When I read through this thread, I saw that people use the PMRT as a leave in, a curl enhancer and a gel. I use it as a curl enhancer. I'm thinking of using it as a gel. Maybe some Pink Boots, ReCoil or LOOB over leave in with this on top. You may not get as greasy.
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