You can bring a country to its knees by carefully manipulating its economy, if you have enough control.

Let me take this in another direction by painting 2 fictitious scenarios...

Say instead of the above, 2 things were to happen.

1. A Canadian company bought that London company.
2. japan sells all its US holdings to a wealthy Arab nation.

Which would make the headlines and why?
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You can harm a country with economic control. But you cannot INVADE it. The two are not comparable. Look, we limit foreign ownership of ****ing radio stations, but we're going to let a foreign entity own our ports? I don't care what country owns or is buying it, it should not happen. Why don't we turn over security at the White House and Capitol to a foreign entity too? To put this in context, I'm horrified that a foreign entity already has an ownership interest in port control. Certain things should not be permitted to be owned or controlled by foreign entities, no matter how friendly. Our ports is one of those things.

Are both economic and physical control by foreign entities bad ideas? Certainly. But just because both are bad ideas doesn't mean we should let one of them happen.