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okay. so i was all sad at 1st cuz my hair is still a little too short (bob-length) for a bun (or so i thought) so i decided to high-puff it instead by using an elastic headband. But then it just kinda slid up my hair (!) leaving the front of my hair really puffy...Dilemma!! So before i even had time to think about it i threw a pretty silk scarf around my head like a headband and was out the door . When i got 2 work i ran to the bathroom for a quick mirror check and to my surprise it actually looked very cute! Even though my puff was v-e-e-r-r-y loose the curls were really defined and soft-looking, and the scarf/headband kept my edges back and gave the illusion that i have longer hair that i just kinda threw up into a messy updo. Yay ME! just kidding. I guess i'm not so sad anymore...
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