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Default Re: Split ends-desperate call!

Originally Posted by y-curl
Hello ladies,
It really has been awhile since I last posted anything on NC but I lurk quite often. Thank You all for your valuable inputs.

The question I have is regarding split-ends, I am a 3b/c and as much as I want my hair to grow it has been the same length for the past 3 years. I noticed that I have many split ends. My last haircut was a Devachan by carlos in the summer of 2004. I use Elucence conditioner and FOTE. I only brush in the shower and leave my hair to airdry before I put it in a ponytail or a bun.

What am I doing wrong, I really do not want to cut my hair, I have been trimming the ends (or rather individual strands) with small scissors. I remember reading that is what some of you do.

Any suggestions?? is it the combination, the fact that I do not wash my hair daily but rather every two days? Help! are split ends part of having curly hair??
You can try VO5 Split Ends conditioner. It's very watered down so maybe you can use it as a shampoo/cond wash. Or maybe you can use the VO5 Split Ends shampoo to go with it in addition to the conditioner or something.
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