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Originally Posted by curltopia
Do you have luck with Jessicurl products? I am thinking that a Too Shea conditioner wash followed by Aloeba and Confident Coils as leave in/stylers would give you big waves, which is yet another type of look for you to sport when you feel like switching up
Oh no you don't! I haven't tried any of her products. I was under the impression the Jessicurl products wouldn't work on my hair. But I don't think I will be spending anymore cash on hair products. Once I run out of my staples, I *might* give her products a try.

You are so right. The KKCC gives me smaller curls. I like that look for a ponytail. The Fanatasia IC gives me great ponytail hair too.

I cannot wait to see your album once you get it up and running. Is your hair still the same color? I'm debating getting highlights again. I saw a picture of Marielle's hair and her black curls look so pretty.

Thanks for saying such nice things about my hair.
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