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Originally Posted by Ivanita View Post
i have a headache right now...
i am a constant lurker...i don't post much...i don't feel worthy
i just turned 22 yesterday...i have a hangover
i fell in ended i am afraid to try again
i'm depressed a lot of the time...i despise how much weight i've gained
i took a semester off from school now I'm deathly afraid to go back
My life is at a stand still
I love my hair but I'm not good at styling it...
Alas...I'm a sad girl at the moment
You should post, really. We love anyone and everyone.

Happy belated birthday.

I know about the love thing, but mine didn't love me back. It did end pretty badly though. Noone's saying you have to get back on the horse now, but don't be afraid to try again.

I am very familiar with depression and anxiety. If you feel like it's too much, go talk to someone. It helps.

A semester isn't that long, some people take years off, think how scared they must be to go back. You can do it.

Sometimes it feels that way, but it's your life and the only person who can stop it or make it move again is you. You can't let things make the decision for you- especially things that are insignificant in the big picture.
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