My mother is a lunatic. Period.

My sister, cousin, and I went over a friend of the family's house to go swimming. We told her how hungry we were after hours of being in the pool so she offered us Hot Pockets and some other food to take home. We didn't want to be rude and were hungry as hell, so we gratefully accepted. Once we're home and my mom sees us with the food, she flips outs! I mean completely flips her s*** (especially on me), like we went over someone's house begging for food because we have none at home. We've been having some financial issues but she's acting like we're poor and ashamed when we're really anything but that. My mother says some pretty harsh things when she's upset (especially to me since I'm 17 and unlike my younger sister I feel the absurd need to speak up in our defense). So anyway, my mother and I aren't speaking right now, which is weird since we have to work together (I'm a CNA and she's my LPN).

What a mess!
3c/4a soft & frizzy curls with way too much SHRINKAGE

Doing what the mean hair says and keeping it as conditioned as possible.

**Craving longer hair**