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RT: When you're young, summer means no school and the beach, but once undergrad is over with, it means weddings, and another year that has went by that you are still friggin' single. I mean I don't need a fiance right now, but can a sista at least get a damn date to the wedding? lol.
The only thing worse than having to go to all of those weddings an buy all of those gifts is having to be IN a wedding... so I'm supposed to spend over $1000 for you to get married? lol...

I just know I better get gifts from every last one of those married chicks when its my turn LOL!!
Oooo yes girl you are a very good friend cause I keep my budget to under $50 bucks for gifting. Everyone gets nice sheets from me lol. TJMAXX, I see you lol. They have 600 thread count sheets, I'm not broke, everyone is happy.
lol... I try to keep the gift below like $40 too... but then you add the bridesmaid dress, shoes, jewelry, plane ticket, etc. and the ish just gets out of hand
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