Thanks, Bianca!

Curltopia--I used equal parts Devacurl AnGell and Suave Anti-Frizz Aloe Vera gel. I threw in FOTE Aloe Vera gel for good measure, but not as much (it seems to hold without making my hair crunchy). So, I took a bit of KKCC, rubbed it my hands and raked it through (I usually never rake). Then I took my gel mixture (I put it in a bottle with a pump) and raked/scrunched it through. I scrunched a lot more than usual because the KKCC seems to relax my curl at the top. Then I took those metal clips and put it around my canopy. It just seems that no matter how much I gel up there, there's fuzz. So, the clips seemed to help a lot.

The great part is that I still have nice second day hair. The gel does it for me.

I will try the vent brush tomorrow. It might be a better detangler than the comb, decreasing the amount of hair I lose in the shower. So it's worth a try. Thank you.