Question: how exactly is a Mexican "supposed" to look? To me, it seems like the stereotyping that East Indians face--India's such a diverse country that it has people of so many different skin colors and hair/eye types. I'm assuming Mexican (and Latin American countries) are similar to that, meaning there has been so much mixing through the years that there's no unified look for those nationalities. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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I'll give you an example: I have several aunts, but the two oldest ones were only two years apart. One was fair-skinned with light hair and eyes but not extraordinary looking, the other was far more beautiful but with darker skin and dark hair and eyes. My grandmother (from Guadalajara) told my darker aunt that she may as well not even bother looking for a husband because she was "too dark." Of course, my aunt ignored my grandmother.

From what I understand, this type of prejudice exists still in Mexico - the lighter the skin, hair, and eyes, the more desirable the person.

Mexico is a nation of immigrants, like the United States: From Spain, from Germany, and a large community of Chinese immigrants in Mexico City to name a few. So from that perspective, there is no one "look" for a Mexican citizen.

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