Thanks for the comments. I think that I just need to learn to further be ok with the hair.
Mexicans are very color conscience and I've been told several times that I am very lucky that I am so light skinned because otherwise people might think I was black. But that was generally from older women who felt they could say what they liked.
In college one of my best friends was black/white biracial and people always assumed we were related. I even got comments from a few guys that we were like different versions of each other, as we have similar hair and body types, just are differently colored, it was kind of creepy.
Actually I wouldn't go to a Mexican salon again. They are good with thick hair, perhaps up to 3a, but beyond that they have some major trouble. They tell me to wash it and put gel in it or just insist that I flat iron it and put a bunch of hairspray in it. They just want to make it flat and over product it like every where else I have been to.
The man that I go to now is Mexican -American actually and he specializes in multi-racial hair. He is wonderful and has helped me to accept what I have.Mostly I get great comments from people who are from the US and people from Mexico just don't seem to like it as much. I live in LA, so I am generally very happy with it. I mix into the multi-cultiness of it all.
3c/4a...sometimes frizzy, always beautiful!