I agree that stylists being open to us bringing in our own products for them to use on us is important. I was thrilled when not only did MaryAnn show interest in the Wen line but also made a point of saying she was always open to me bringing in whatever products I wanted her to use on my hair. She said she knows how hair is highly individual and no product is one-size-fits-all.

As I sit here with 2nd day hair on the Deva line she used on me, I'm doubly grateful she's open to me bringing in my stuff. I had heard such wonderful things about Deva and was excited to try it. Unfortunately I don't think it's for me at this time. I'd been using the Wen fig cleansing conditioner for three weeks and my hair had never been softer or more shiny, plus my curls had never been more defined. One day with the Deva no-poo and I'm disappointed with my results. Hair feels much drier than on Wen, and there's a lot more frizz second day. When I go back to her I'll have her use my Wen.

I hope I haven't talked her up so much that you end up disappointed. I do wish she'd cut me shorter and will ask her to do so next time. I'd also asked for some bangs and she cut some, but too long (they're longer than the top of my eyes). I chalk these up to just her getting to know my preferences though. Having a quality cut was first and foremost, and I do feel I got that.
2C/3A with almost straight hair on top
"c" curls (according to my stylist)
Modified CG: looking for my next low/no poo; Curls CCC; anything KBB; acv and honey or molasses rinses; CJ H&B Deep Fix
Styling with KCCC/B&A gel, FOTE avg; BB's FSG, Komaza CHP

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