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I have had the shampoo for a couple of weeks and try to stick with that..I go by what my hair feels like...I used to shampoo almost every day which I know is TERRIBLE...but I was good about deep conditioning - I deep conditioned a couple of times a week which I think balanced I shampoo 2, maybe 3 times a week and the other days, just wet, throw some conditioner in, put a plastic cap on my head while I finish my shower, then rinse...I have a bunch of shampoos and conditioners I like (although I am TRYING to stick to the Coppola shampoo)...the other one i like but think it has sulfates is Biolage of my friends has her beauty license so I go to the wholesale place and buy the good stuff pretty cheap ...I also make up my own product cocktails...I wear my hair straight so I like Moroccan oil mixed with a bit of biosilk right after a shower...I put a towel back on my head while I do my makeup and let that soak in, then I mix the Chi straightner with the Moroccan cream and blow my hair comes out great!!
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