On my way to look for root stimulator! : )

I'm sorry so many of you have problems with deer. They are a problem around here to tho for some reason I've never had much trouble with animals eating my stuff. I don't know why. I have my big gardens at my ex's house. He has deer, turkeys, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, groundhogs. We fenced in the veg garden one year because the turkeys were taking dirt baths in it and squishing the plants. I walked inside the fence one day and discovered a rabbit on her nest under the oregano. They never ate one thing in the garden.
Something ate my hot pepper plants one year but left everything else. The deer do like to nibble the small serviceberry tree I planted a few years ago. But again, they leave everything else alone. I wish I could tell you all the secret, but I don't have one. I don't use any deterrents of any kind. I don't even use fertilizers or anything else. I plant stuff and kind of let it go on it's merry way. Lazy gardener.
I DO have trouble with slugs in wet years and japanese beetles every year. Hate em!
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