I had a job interview last week and I straightened my hair. Before I flat-ironed it, I put in this product that I picked up from Sally's by Fantasia called Straightening Serum(pink bottle). I LOVED the scent, it smells like watermelon. Anyways, my hair was so soft and smooth after I put it in, I couldn't believe it. I got a trim and the next day, I washed my hair. I usually use Curling Custard by Kinky-Curly even though it tends to leave my hair a bit dry ESPECIALLY when used with the VO5 Strawberries and Cream. After I washed my hair, I put the serum all over my wet hair and then proceeded with the C.C. Let me tell everyone, my hair is BEYOND soft and moisturized. I'm on day three with my hair and it is still as soft and moisturized as day one. This is my new H.G. product! I am in LOVE!