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Originally Posted by medussa
Originally Posted by urbancurl
I don't understand how you scrunch products in without raking at all?

Do you smooth it on, keeping your fingers together, so you are not finger-combing while you do it?

I worry that I will not get the product distributed enough if I just smooth and scrunch.
Yes, I keep my fingers together, as I smooth over the products and scrunch (while squeezing the water out). It works fine. But I do miss some spots underneath and sometimes at the top of my head.

I *love* your hair, btw.
Thanks for the compliment and the details!

One more question-- do you section your hair to smooth the products in, or just do the outisde of your hair and then the underside, or something else?

It sounds like a quicker way to apply products. I usually detangle in the shower, and then pretty much am detangling again as I am raking the product in.

ETA: I just looked at your album and I love your hair too! It looks so well-behaved and the curls are so uniform.
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