You all are gooooorgeous! How does everyone get their hair so long? I've always wanted mine really long, but it seems to just stop at my shoulder blades. Mine gets really pyramid-y if I don't get layers cut in every so often. I'd like it so much more if it wasn't so poofy. Any suggestions?

p.s. my hair looks haggard in these pictures... which is why I NEVER wear it down!!!
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I think your hair looks great, not haggard at all! I guess the keys to growing it longer is stop cutting it and treat it gently. I know you mentioned feeling the need to cut in layers. Maybe you could tell your stylist you are trying to grow your hair out and you want to maintain the layers without taking off much length. The longer your hair gets, it will naturally thin out towards the ends and won't pyramid as bad. Have you tried going CG?
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