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The other day, I needed some more condish and Suave wasn't quite working for me, so I picked up V05 Strawberries & Creme (the smell is quite strong out of the bottle, but once used, it's quite nice). It's very thick, unlike Suave which is very inconsistent - sometimes they will be thick, sometimes it'll be runny. finger combed with the V05 Strawberries & Creme and left it alone. It fluffed out perfectly with minimal frizz! I was so happy! :P So, today I tried it again, only a little differently. I washed with CON Regular, then added A LOT of V05 Strawberries & Creme... let it sit for a while. Then I paddle brushed, sat there for 5 mins. Got out and added more V05. My curls were clumpy, defined and soft! I touched it a little too much so i ended up adding a little Garnier Fructis Smoothing Milk (another leave-in) and a little LaBella Gel to an unruly patch, but overall, I am loving condish for leave-in! Does anyone else use condish/leave-in without slapping on a bunch of gel?
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