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Hey, I see you're using some of the products I've got on my wish list! I'm a productjunkie too (it's bad, it really is I just ordered 8 products from and am already looking for more cause I just discovered mariposa!! OMG!! LOL...).

I checked Mariposa yesterday and I really want to try Qhemet, Curls Whipped Cream and Jessicurl's DT and Cleansing Cream (decisions, decisions ...). Could you tell me more about the Qhemet and Whipped Cream? How do you use them, why do you love 'em etc.?

I've also ordered the Mimosa (, I'll let you know what it did for my hair when I get it!

I also ordered the Curly Girl book, do you follow CG?

Well, I'd love to hear from you! Hor i srefi!
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