Oh jeez i've had a ton of these!!

my boyfriend sophomore year of high school found out my hair was curly for the first time after like 2 months of dating and was like "uhh...now i see why you never wear it curly"

a ton of guys in high school used to say "god you are so much hotter when you straighten your hair. will you please just straighten your hair tomorrow?"

Now that ive stopped straightening and my hair is growing and getting healthier though people really seem to love it. i get compliments all the time. and my sister (7 years old) always says "Gosh HOW do you get your hair like that?? It's so cool! Will my hair ever be curly?" That makes me feel awesome, and I have a feeling her hair will be curly and i'm so glad i'll be able to help her figure out her hair so she doesn't have to suffer through the awkward years like i did!!