heres a knee slapper for you. when i was getting my hair relaxed, two weeks after said relaxer people would ask if i had ever had it straightened. one day that happened in my drama class, and this time it was from a girl whos hair was straightened to death.

My friend AJ loves it, he loves to touch it and pat my head. Wich is funny because you have this slightly preppy gay boy, who is just fascinated with the hair of a really short gothy queer girl. My girlfriend loves my hair to, as well do most of my friends.
3c/4aMCiii normal/low porosity med elasticty

Shampoo- JC Hydrating Invigorating poo, Alaffia Shea & Virgin Coconut Enriching Shampoo, CV poo bars
Rinse out- Natures gate hemp, GSAS
Leave in- GDLI, Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Leave in
DT- Still working on that
Styler- Ecostyler Crystal, Queen Helene Royal Curl Creme
Sealer- castor, Shea butter,jojoba oil

I don't know how well I'll keep it up, my blog The Lions Mane