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Originally Posted by mari View Post
This thread was actually one of the first ones I read when I found this site. This is the thread that introduced me to CG. Thanks!
Oh wow! That's awesome! Yay! *joins you in the wave*

Originally Posted by WannaLoveMyWaves View Post
It is hard being a newbie here. You know whatever you post has been asked or said before, but, there is so much information that it is hard to read through it all and retain everything!

I love this link and hope that it hasn't already been added here (I haven't followed all the links in this thread yet)

The Conditioner Chronicles
Nope! That looks to be a new one! Thanks! And hey, I know how it is to be a newbie. I still might be considered one...

Just remember that there is a search function. If you don't get what you are looking for the first time, try rewording it or narrowing the search down. Sometimes you do find something that isn't mentioned yet, so all hope isn't lost yet! And welcome to the boards!
I have 3c hair that I haven't straightened in over 5 years. It's just past shoulder length when dry, and almost waist length when pulled straight.

9/02/08 Went CG
05/12/09 Still CG. Cowashing with VO5 Lavender Luster. I then condition with Giovanni Smooth as Silk. Styling with VO5 Lavender Luster conditioner with my wide-toothed comb.

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