So my tomatoes never really got off the ground this year, but that's OK because I don't like them that much anyway. I've had some really excellent cauliflower and more cucumbers than I can handle.

Here are some pictures of flowers and stuff.

The zinnia have been doing well and attracting lots of bumblebees.

Eggplants...currently protected by a spider, but I've beat down a side trail to access them without disturbing her.

This is a salvia. I think. I grew it from seed, but I thought it was dahlia and it clearly isn't.

This is the spanish flag vine I "have" to grow. For some reason, it really flourishes in one location, I think it is the aluminum siding which reflects sun and heat. A neighboring gardener insists that I grow it.

We haven't had frost yet. The japanese beetles almost completely decimated my walking stick tree until I got the Surround (kaolin clay) on it. The Surround has worked better than I expected, and in this picture it has already survived 3 rainfalls.

Savoy cabbage, grown for a Polish friend.

formerly Castella
(my dogs aren't snarly, my hair is)