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i just recently joined this site And i'm looking to meet a pretty young lady like you. I'm a white very successful multiple businesses owner i own a construction co and a secutity co plus i'm partners in a womens swimwear line. I'm in my 40's dynamic, ambitious, and a very masc & rugged clean cut casual special forces war veteran and Alpha Male. I'm looking for a pretty young lady like you to spend time with and spoil. Break away from the little boys and date a real man.If you are interested in learning more you can contact me at my business email address at upon your reply i'll forward you a picture of me. If you are not interested then the best of luck to you and be well and safe.
Oh Lord, that reeks of one of those guys who is so insecure he acts cocky. "Date a real man?"
Well, he IS an Alpha Male!
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