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Originally Posted by BeachBlondeWavie
im going to the mall today and essential sells deva stuff so im going to pick up set it free, i didnt realize it was creamy i thought it was regular hairspray.

also i read on the one-c bottle you can leave it on under a shower cap for an hour for an intense treatment. has anyone ever tried this? with heat? what was the results?
I love SIF, and thank goodness it's not like a regular hairspray!! Make sure you spray it in your hands though first, and not directly onto your hair. This way you will waste less, then just smooth it over your hair like you would anything else, and scrunch it in. It's great!

I've use One C as a DT under the micro heat cap before, and it does work nicely. I still prefer to use something like Curls Ecstacy or Jessicurl WDT, but One C will work as a DT as well. Try adding some honey to it, or even avocado oil or vitamin e oil.
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