Hi Everyone!

I thought I'd post these here because they've been working wonderfully for me!

Generic No Poo

1/4 of a cup of grape seed oil
2 or more cups (dpending on how thin or thick you like your Co to be) of water
three tablespoons emulsifier (I get mine from the herbarie.com)

what to do:

in a double boiler heat the grape seed oil and emulsifier until the emulsifier has melted.
Heat water in a teakettle until boiling
add boiling water to oil mixture while stirring with a handheld blender or a wooden spoon.
The mixture should turn white immediately.
Let cool, and add preservative (I also get this at the herbarie) and essential oils/fragrance oils.

Generic One-C

Exactly the same process, just substitute oilive oil and vegetable glyercin for the grape seed oil. Since everyone's hair is diff, i think you'll need to play around with the proportions of oil and the veg glycerin here, but I know my hair prefers them in about equal amounts. I like 1/2 cup of olive oil and 1/2 cup glycerin, then add about 2 1/2 cups water.

I hope I'm not leaving anything out! Let me know if you have questions. The nice thing about my recipes is you can adjust them to your own needs. For me, that's no cones, proteins, artificial conditioning agents, ect!

Happy Cooking!
Have finally figured out I am a 3A! VERY fine strands. CG since 7/05!

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Have finally figured out I am a 3A! VERY fine strands. CG since 7/05!