hi! I have to say - I'm just a few days on this board and wow! I've LEARNED soooooo much! you must all be chemistry engineers or scientists, it's amazing finding out about all of these ingriedients.... wow!
So, I used the LOOB and WOWWWW!!! it's a lovely, rainy, humid day in NJ here - and I was out all day with my little girl, NO FRIZZ!!!!!!!!! OMG! a FIRST! and I Love my Deva stuff, but this was amazing! I'm hooked! for $3.80 at Walmart - I'm switching! and the Suave conditioner - omg - amazing! and SO much less!
just wondering - does anyone use anything over their dry hair with LOOB? like a pomade or finish of any sort??????????
so - THANK YOU everyone who has helped to educate and inform me!!! As a teacher, I REALLY appreciate the help!!!
stay curly!
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You could use more LOOB perhaps? I scrunched in some Hairmix Spiral Splendor. I always use it for touchups. It does have an a-cone in it however.
3a/b, auburn haired, BIG, coarse and frizz prone.

My hair hates:
Curl Keeper
Anything with lots of protein

Things that work:
Aveda Flaxseed and Aloe Gel
Aveda Phomollient
Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Condish
KCCC and KCKT (Found my HG combo!)
DevaCurl Angell
L'Oreal Melting Gel

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