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Thank you so much for this thread! I never understood how to go CG other than don't brush your hair (which I already knew) and don't use silicone shampoo's. I've looked at lots of the links, and i'm totally ready to go CG. THANK YOU THANK YOU! *BUMP*
No problem! I'm so glad that it's helping people! I still return to it when I forget something or am trying to link someone to info, but it's nice to see that others find it useful too!

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This is amazing! Finally confirmed I'm overconditioned! I thought it wasn't possible because I've only ben co-washing everyday for a week, but then, I guess my hair was never that dry (I took good care of it pre-CG).
I'm glad it has helped you! I'm so jealous of your overconditioning! I know it's silly, but I hope I am able to do that one day.
Are you kidding? I want your hair! : ) It's lovely.
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