No I did not get the job because I am a black woman, I got the job because:
-I had a higher grade point average than you
-I interviewed better than you

Do not follow me around inside your store. I do not shoplift, I can afford to buy anything that I want. And now I'm leaving to go and spend my money somewhere else.

You complain that my people are lazy and on welfare. Well, more of your people are lazy and on welfare.

"Come on. You should be able to dance better than that." WTF?!? What a double back-handed insult! What, all black people are great dancers? You are gorgeous and I really wanted to hook up with you! I didn't know that you were a racist, elitist a**hole. F*** you!!

"I bet that you have a great singing voice'" What? I can't sing at all! You are French, how would you like it if I said "I bet you only shower once a week."

"Is that your daughter?!" Yes, she is my daughter! What was your first clue, when she called me mommy? No she doesn't look like me, so what? I don't look like my mom either!

Wow! That was cathartic!

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