J-its time you show your new boyfreind how the rest of the world lives We dont all smoke pot outside our apartments, we dont all wear 'wife beaters' out in public, we dont all call everyone 'homie', we dont all keep our paychecks in a shoebox. We have bank accounts and wear nice clothing. We are going to have so much fun watching this boy skwirm at this winery event you are bringing him to. You have lowered to his level quite well...you hang out at house parties and deal with his ********. But what has he done to try and fit into your world? He has done NOTHING. So I hope he realizes pretty quickly that relationships work both ways and that he needs to make an effort to fit in with us too.

J- I cant wait to see you in a button up shirt and nice dark washed jeans Ah, Im swooning already
"Someday love will find you...break those chains that bind you!!"