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Originally Posted by NetG
There's a big difference between convicting someone, which involves a burden of proof, and being a parent, which involves a whole lot less faith in others.
I think he's guilty of molesting many children. I never said he should be locked up, just that it's suspicious that this isn't the first time he's run into this situation. If he truly is innocent and never harmed a child, then what the hell is he doing showing his genitals to children? Maybe that's not physical harm, but children could do without that kind of emotional trauma. I don't care to spare his feelings and not be judgemental in this case. My instincts tell me he is nasty and should stay away from children. I wouldn't leave my children around him.

Originally Posted by NetG
I hope you never have a loved one wrongly accused, because the "convict him, lock him up, throw away the key" attitude is what will mean they get locked up undeservedly
Actually I had a member of my family accused of murder. But I feel that he had a fair trial so I did not worry about how he was perceived by the public. The case didn't become some real life version of Dostoevsky. I still have faith in the justice system and law enforcement.
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