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CurlyinCali Wrote:

No one has questioned Germaine's (Jermaine's?) vehement defense of his brother, yet, so I will.

I understand why G/Jermaine is so angry. This is his brother, after all. I do not understand why he needs to play the race card and call this a lynching. I also want to know where the F, G/Jermaine was over the last 20 years when Michael has so obviously been crying out for help? As blue_ckies so eloquently said "I feel sorry for him. he must hate himself a great deal to have done what he did to himself appearance-wise. and I don't think he has anyone who cares enough to tell him to shape up. it seems like everyone's just using him for one thing or another." I want to know why his beloved brother and others did not intervene before? No one has questioned Germaine's (Jermaine's?) vehement defense of his brother, yet, so I will.

I wouldn't question G/Jermaine's desperate defense of MJ. Partly because it's his brother, but I also assume that MJ financially supports G/Jermaine(sp???). Without Michael supporting him, I think he'd be in trouble.

Regarding G/Jermaine playing the race card for MJ: Is it possible that Mark Garragos(sp?) provided those talking points to G/Jermaine? I say this because the "lynching visual" to me, is as silly as satan worshippers killing Laci Peterson or Winona Ryder stealing clothes to research a new movie role she was auditioning for. Mark Garagos(sp?) will dream up conspiracy theories and twist the truth to deflect from the allegations.

The people surrounding MJ are Selfish, selfish, selfish...It's sickening stuff - Since MJ was five years old, he's been looked at and treated as the "cash cow" and "pack mule" for his family and so many others.
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