well... I wear my hair up like Virginia Madsen has it here, almost every day, since it is in that yucky inbetween growing out stage

but my second-day hair has been more like bad 80s Madonna lately LOL

so unless I wear a hat, I've been getting it wet every day.

My fear? Losing enough hair that Nicole Kidman becomes my celeb hair twin

Originally Posted by oreosmakemehappy
That is hilarious. I never realized that Nicole Kidman's hair was so thin. She looks bad. I loved when she first became an actress and wore her hair really curly all the time. She was cute then. Now she is starting to look scary with her Botox treatments and all that jazz.

4a/3c combo with 4b in the front

Hair Goal: Shoulder Length and Curly before April 2010!

"Call me Kinky, Call me Nappy...
It's just Semantics!

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