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All the Native Americans ALWAYS lived in peace and harmony with each other and the land. What ARE you smokin'?
As one of my professors once said "All styles in ALL CULTURES at ALL TIMES are NEVER PEACEFUL ALL THE TIME"
Susan was being sarcastic. This is a very enlightening thread, I had no idea there was a conception of all Natives as harmonious peace-loving innocents and all European settlers as ragins, black-hearted murderers. Is there no perspective anymore??
I figured she was but my comment wasn't really directed to her more of the idea that some people do believe they were always peaceful. I just wanted to put that out for everyone

I'm not saying all European settlers were "black-hearted murders" but many were. They were driven by their greed, they did not care about the islands or the people already on living in this part of the world. On the islands were there were no gold (mainly what is now called the Antilles) the Europeans called them "useless islands."
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