I was "Frizzle Face" for many years in elementary school - why the "face" I'll never know. It was painful at the time but I love thinking now about how successful "Miss Frizzle" from "Magic School Bus" has become, and also that I, too, became a teacher!

These days, I straighten my hair once a year. On Halloween! And I tell my students that my costume is that I came to school dressed as 'a person with straight hair'. Too fun!
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Brilliant!! I love it.
Mushroom Queen---I had a short bob, and my hair is pretty thick, so at times I had a mushroom head!
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Mushroom Queen sounds so cool! Kind of reminds me of Princess Peach.

Lol all these make me laugh - I was kinda sad that I didn't have a hair nickname, but last night I was laughing about something and my boyfriend said "Laugh it up, fuzzball." (from Star Wars). My hair was pretty fuzzy, though!
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I was wondering when someone would tie together Star Wars wookies and curly hair.

I was called 'witch'
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Me too. This is the only thing I am called in reference to my hair. I made the stupid mistake of wearing my concert attire (all black, full skirt, square-toed shoes) in front of my best friend. He saw me and said (after a short exchange) "you look like a witch!". I asked him about why he thought I looked like a witch (he's seen other girls in all black before), and he mentioned my hair and how it sticks up sometimes. It's been used a bit sense then, and I think it suits me well. I've actually grown fond of it.

I think many people have thought "Medusa" before, though have been to kind to say it. (trust me, my hair combined with my stare = Medusa in nearly every sense). But I actually feel complimented when someone gives me some curly-related nickname. =]
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