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Originally Posted by whatsercurl View Post
Brewcurlgirl: I love your hair in the pic! And you have no makeup on???? You look amazing!

BB: Gorgeous as always. Actually you kinda suck your hair always looks SOOOO perfect AND you have that gorgeous little girl to boot.

Virtualbabe: Amazing curls and length. How long did it take you to grow it that long? I've been growing mine out of a pixie cut for 4.5 years and it feels likes it's NEVER going to be that long.
Thanks whatsercurl! I've always worn my hair long since my teens so I couldn't really tell how long it takes to grow. I know it grows at a slow rate and I would go for a trim once a year, about 2 inches off. I haven't cut my hair since last year so right now, my hair is down to the small of my back if worn straight and it springs back up about 5-6 inches when it's curly.
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