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Originally Posted by NYCurlyGirly View Post
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves View Post touching...

Rush Limbaugh would be so proud to know how well he's washed your brain...
People who say stuff like this are the ones who are brainwashed. Where does Limbaugh come into ANY of what Susan said?

Susan, yours was one of the most honest posts in this entire forum and I absolutley agree with you on many of your points. Unfortunately, no matter how rational and well throught out your own opinions are, others will dismiss them for no good reason. Thank you for writing this.
Her thought aren't rational that's why I dismiss them and she does sound like Rush,Oreily and Haniity all wrapped up in one. And as much as it pains me to type this I've listen Racist Rush, Watched Bill-o-the-clown and Hannity. I love Keith, Rachel and Chris because they tell the TRUTH which is something the republicans can't seem to do. You know they are always lying because their lips are moving.
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