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Today I also "hate!!!" my hair... I think I finally find a regime that works and then "puff" no definition a mass of craziness....AND I had to get on to work like that Too...
Days like these make me wonder.. hmmm....and the weather wasn't the problem....
Yesterday you would think I had someone elses hair...Well behaved...I think my hair is a spoiled rotten brat who just wont behave till it gets what it wants...problem is I dont always know what it wants....I don't speak enough "curly" .....Definitely a Love/HATE relationship /
P-Nut Still researching
3(ABC)??? very coarse, protein & glycerin sensitve,
CO Wash: Suave Coconut, VO5 MM
Style: KCCC, BRHG, Love this combo!-AOMM
Experimenting with ACV (so far so good), honey!!! (love it), Waiting to try:Phyto, KBB,RC...My hair hates CK...unless I am using it wrong...
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